Michigan Radio: Stateside Interview

ladwt-rmacintosh-cecil-reachThe wonderful Wolf Trap program Manager Susannah Goodman and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Cynthia Canty.

“Get kids started at an early age with the arts and the payoff could be better math, science and literacy skills, in addition to better overall learning skills.

That’s the idea behind the Livings Arts’ Detroit Wolf Trap Program. Its goal is to narrow the achievement gap between affluent and less-affluent areas through arts education.

Here’s how it works:

The program pairs professional artists – we’re talking opera singers, actors, puppeteers and more – with students (usually in Head Start classrooms) aged three months to six years old. Students participate in 16 30-minute lessons with their assigned teaching artist. At the same time, classroom teachers learn art strategies to continue using when the program ends.”

Listen to the full interview here!

For the lesson that was sampled, listen below: